Women Outerwear, Manufacture & Wholesale
Apsen Textile; From 1994 until this day, we produced products with high quality and delivered to local and foreign customers with great care and precision. Apsen textile has production capacity to respond to customer requests all around. Our company produces with the latest technology machine suitable for today's needs. With its professional team, Apsen Tekstil has made a principle of being one step ahead of its competitors in its own time .. Apsen textile will select the orders that will meet your needs and demands before and after production and will arrive at the right time no matter what the conditions. We are pleased to offer you the best offer for our products. All products are under the guarantee of Apsen Textile.
Products We Manufacture in Women's Clothing;
Ladies' Shirt, Skirt, Dress, Pants, Tunic, Ferace, Tops and Blouse.
We can produce any product you want in minimum 150 pieces.
Ready-made clothing. The products produced in garments are designed, sewn, ironed and packed in defined dimensions. Confections can be produced using different producible products. Generally, in ready-to-wear apparel, it is produced in various types of apparels and not in machines but in these apparels. Manufacturers in garment production are informed about the intermediation of wholesalers or retailers after the son packing process. Turkey is in a very successful position in the field of apparel and has successfully undertaken work in this field. Especially in garments producing high quality products, it is working in a very coordinated manner. The materials, which are usually brought from the organic materials by tapping the threads, are called as fabric. In fabrics, materials such as cotton, silk, linen and wool are generally used and produced by weaving or knitting method. There are various types of cloth. Infections and enuresis are knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics and waterproof fabrics. The most important materials of apparel and textile are undoubtedly fabrics. They are the fabrics that make up the quality and the position of a product. The choice of quality and accurate fabric, especially the need for clothing, attention is the subject.
Skirts, blouses, t-shirts, tunics, jackets, trousers, vests and many more products are only in Apsen Tekstil. Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Palestine and European Countries.